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Support South Wake Park 


YES, Wake County should approve the proposed new South Wake Park on the former Crooked Creek property!


  • The new park’s walkways, greenspaces, and hilltop vistas would be important and much-needed additions to Wake County’s park system.
  • As Wake County grows, it’s critical that we preserve our natural assets. The park would create new opportunities for recreation and healthy living in a populated but quickly-growing area where opportunities to preserve public land are increasingly rare.
  • The land is located in an area with few bike lanes, walking trails, and recreational spaces, and it would easily connect with planned expansions to Wake County’s greenways system.
  • The park would benefit people from all walks of life and draw people from throughout Wake County.
  • The new park would be co-located with a future elementary school, creating great opportunities for teachers, children, and families.

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