Calabria for Wake

Matt Calabria for Wake County Commissioner



After years of progress, Wake County has a lot to be proud of. With your support, I have worked to raise the local portion of teacher pay by more than 50%. Together, we passed a comprehensive public transportation plan, provided hard-working folks a living wage, increased our affordable housing stock, and reduced child hunger. 

But there is still more to do. Wake County must continue to expand our support for students and teachers. As we grow, we’ve got to make sure everyone has the opportunity to find an affordable place to live. And if we want to continue creating cutting-edge jobs, we’ve got to make sure that we provide adequate worker training, improve economic mobility for working-class citizens, and build a robust public transportation system.  That's why I am running to retain my seat on the Wake County Commission.

Never has it been more important to have strong, forward-thinking leadership in local government.  Please join our campaign by donating or signing up to volunteer today!  

Matt Calabria